Choosing The Right Tack

The wrong choice of tack can cause discomfort to a horse and can effect its behaviour, this should be avoided, as it is unsafe for you and the horse. 

There are numerous types of saddles and bridles, so choosing the correct one for your horse is extremely important. 

Professional advice is recommended, as getting the tack right is a crucial decision that effects both you and your horse’s wellbeing.


Your horses shape should be carefully measured to ensure a good fitting saddle can be fitted. 

Some horses have particularly high withers, or a more flat back and barrel shape body and it is these variations that are catered for when a saddle is made to measure or fit properly. 

A happy, comfortable horse will lead to safe and enjoyable riding. 

The points of the saddle 

 The purpose of the tack needs to be established, as more than one set may be required. 

Show-jumping saddles, dressage saddles, English hacking saddles, side-saddles are all very different as they are ergonomically designed for their specific need. 

Two main aspects of the saddle are to provide no discomfort to the horse and to help the rider maintain a perfect riding position.  

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